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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  February 16, 2014 8:30am-9:31am PST

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i'm phil matier. i'm mark kelly. there s a good morning. it is 8:30 on sunday, february 16th. thank you for joining us. we have a lot to share with you. >> a shocker of a decision and the coealed carry permit. the court decided to strike down the requirement that you need to prove the need to carry a firearm outside of your home. we had a very interesting conversation. it is a place that is difficult to get a permit. and the attorney-general filed papers for reelection.
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we will look at why the republicans are not showing up. a plan to abolish onlylessness. what a supervisor wants to do. >> what i see it appears to be getting worse. >> a lot coming up. check out the forecast for today. clear skies this morning, taking a look outside from the at santa clara. it is cool out. 50s and it will be a sunny day all around the bay area. >> and a holiday and it is president's day. and it returns next week and very slight. muni service is back to
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normal. it was after 2:30 yesterday in the tunnel near the powell street station. it's not clear how he ended up but homeless people try to retrieve possessions they have hidden. three people were stabbed at buffalo bill's brewery. one person is dead. and officers were called after midnight on friday after a report of a fight in the parking lot. when they got there they found a man stabbed to death. two others showed up at a hospital. police are trying to piece together what happened. and mother nature held off and did not rain on the new year's day parade. the streets of san francisco came alive with the year of the horse. more than 100,000 parade goers
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experienced this one of a kind event. the tradition of the lunier new year dates back 5000 years. the flets and dragons have been entertaining since the mid- 1800s. those are the top stories. >> it was a shoerbg. the court court of appeals struck down restrictions on carrying a concealed when. >> it was a three judge panel that made that decision. and it is too tough for people to carry the concealed gun. all law-abiding citizens have the right to carry the weapons for self-defense. right now applicants have to show good cause and the chief has to okay the permits based on their own discretion. >> who better to judge what you need than you. you want the government to decide what you need and do not need. >> and different elves are appropriate for the accidents. no one knows it better than law
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enforcement. and the ruling could be coming from the supreme co court. >> it will be an interesting case. we were told that it could open up a flood gate of guns on the streets. >> that's in san francisco where it is difficult to get a permit. there is some places where it is easier. you have people that are carrying them. this week cal trans was busy explaining why water is leaking in critical areas on the bridge. and engineers don't have a lot of answers, they are making a promise. , we are seeing some water come down on four lines. >> the problem appears to be leaks where the rails connect to the span. and the con duties. whatever the case. water is now dripping down into
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the heart of the span. >> it is something we'll address. >> the peer is that they are not a problem. wetness could lead to corrosion. they have to come up with a solution. and how much of is that going to cost? >> we have not figured it out. as we experience more and rain. we're going to learn things. >> they don't know where it is and how it will take to resolve. but i cannot imagine, the water is not going to stand here. if it take morse than one season and button this up. the water is going to get pumped out before it does damage. >> it is stunning that we have having more drama with that bridge. that is frustrating taft is so expensive. >> it is the most expensive. it has gone over budget. it has problems with the bolts. questions about that. we are going to hear more and
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more about that. >> i'm kind of upset the about it. >> the tolls will get collected we'll pay out the money. and it is a one of a kind bring in more ways than one. >> the part strikes are the subject of an investigation into figuring out how things have gotten so bad. and there was an inquiry launched. they are trying to find out why negotiations failed leading to two strikes and that contract dispute. the board voted to hire a consultant. i mean what did go wrong? >> there is a combination of things. if you are allowed to strike and the other side is not allowed to bring in workers. how will you work things out. there is no reason to come to an agreement. second of haul, management came in with a team that was moved
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to cut the wages. you don't need an consultant. this is political cover. everyone made mistakes you bring in an outsider. the question is whether they come up with the solutions or this is going to be another report that says we need to work harder. >> save yourself and rewind that part of the show. >> we'll take that okay. >> and kick starter just put users on emergency notice. what they say may have been compromised. ,, ,,,, ♪
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♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the popular crowd-funding website's security is being compromised an e-mail went out yesterda users stating usernames, passwords, mailing addresse e-mail addresses and phone a web site is being compromised. and a e-mail went out saying that user names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers have been hacked. no credit card information had been stolen that's the good news. and kick start ser advising people to change their
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passwords. backers of gun rights won a victory in court. the court of appeals struck down a law that rye stricts the carrying of concealed weapons. the issue, however, is far from settled it is going to be facing more challenges. joining me now is the county sheriff ross mercarini. it allows for the carrying of concealed weapons you need a permit from the sheriff or the police chief, correct? >> correct. >> you have to show that it you have taken and class and can use the gun. >> it is 16 hours of training. >> for san francisco city the laws are more extended than other counties in the state but good cause, moral character. suitability. and it is the totality of the circumstances that the sheriff or the chief have to take into consideration. >> and it varies from county to county? >> yes. >> what is the definition in
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the legal issue is about good cause. tough in some counties can you go in and take -- and you have taken the class you are issued the permit n others sit down and clane and get the permission. >> it has to do with the case that you present. we don't get many for carry conceal permits. but for good cause there are five prongs that revolve around risk. danger. and the immediate jeopardy the impression that law enforcement cannot help you you must get a weapon. >> why is that a requirement? >> for gun control advocates and those who want to regulate, the unfettered issuing of concealed carry permits this gives law enforcement an important filter.
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>> but counties 2003 is unfettered why is one county allowed to do that and another you're not. >> and why it seemed to emanate in san diego. down in san diego, which will esca rate to the high court to referee why there is not uniformity county to county and strike the good cause all together. >> why should the sheriff be the one who dieds -- decides this. if the second amend s a right in the constitution. i'm arguing that side can you have a gun in your house in your car, why should it be up to the sheriff who gives it to political allies or friends. and we have seen history of that and not to others. why should they decide? >> for san francisco i don't see a history of that. i have not issued a ccw and the applications that come to us
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very few by the way. it is almost rare and they deny from the application. >> why do you deny them. >> that depends on the circumstance. good cause is intact or not. >> what do you determine not giving them out. and came to you and said i want this for my business is that not good cause. it has to be part and parcel to the other elements that the police chief have to consider in the totality to of determining. and it can be challenged in the court by the applicant as an appeal process. u we have one second to go and people come in with training and application you have to hand it out what is the effect? >> from drought to flood. >> thank you very much for
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joining us. we'll see how it goes. and the supreme court. >> it could change everything radically nationally. >> thank you for joining us. back to you. >> we're taking a look outside now as we look at our weather over the next seven days a few from the pyramid in san francisco. aide looking to the colden gate. what to expect in the day ahead. and more than we recall. it will be nice a three day weekend for people. possible showers rate tuesday into tuesday night. the high and the mid-60s. sunny and season blay warm. here is our 7-day outlook. and over the next couple of delays -- days. it is not a great chance. we're trying out for the rest of the week a warm up there as
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we move into the weekend the. >> reducing the number of homeless will reach a milestone. leaders are dissecting with failed. in a program nick named hot has ris ton the top of the list. it is a key component to get the homeless some help. hot. >> hot stants for homeless outreach team. it represents the people and getting the homeless off the streets into housing with health care. for the team, the struggles of life on the streets are familiar. many were once homeless themselves. >> when we have people on the team who can relate to that and say i have been through this. i know what it is like. >> and the one doctor helped to launch the program to apolish homelessness. and he has seen accomplishments like getting more than 1700 homeless a place of their own and helping more than 700 access social security benefits
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and medcal. >> i think we have to work hard at having every one of our citizens into safe housing. >> there is more work ahead n 2013, 6000 homeless in the city. and the supervisor says that san francisco must in the next decade do more. >> woo very done a ton as a city. it is a persistent issue. >> we need to address it. >> and legislation was introduced to double the team to 30 members. >> 3000 individuals on the streets and we have 2 to 3 people trying to reach them. that's not enough. >> i would certainly say that we need more resources and doubling the team is a great snip that direction. >> and beefing up the team is no silver bullet to cure the problem but it is a way to
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extend a helping hand, we want to help the individuals. we need to go to where they are. >> this a time to make a bigger push. >> and he expects the legislation to get the into committee in a month and go to the full edouard for a vote by mid-to-late march. well, it is finally come. the all-star game later on this afternoon. and we cannot have an all star sunday without all star saturday. wait until you see the action with a couple of golden state the warriors. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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the scenes in california's democratic party. right now, democrats hold almost all of the state's hh powered offices. majority in the and right now democrats hold the high powered offices and from the super majority to the governor's office. and now, california's attorney- general has announced she is running for reelection and she doesn't have an opponent. >> in general it is a very blue state and getting bluer. >> it is hard in california with the union money to fight that machine. >> people like jerry brown and nancy pelosi are not going anywhere. it is like a game a sort of log- jam preventing new talent from coming forward. >> this begs the question, where do the republicans go? >> we sat down with several insiders and they said it boils
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down to the open primary and money. >> how crazy in a state this big that the attorney-general has clear sailing without any republican opposition. and she is not alone. the lieutenant governor, governor, treasurer. republicans. mia. >> and wait, let the me tell why you they are mia at the moment. we have moved away from party preference to candidate preference. that was a crazy idea. the republicannings pushed it. thinking it was going to help them. and they have overplayed their hands. >> there are a couple of things at play here. the republicans can not match the democratic machine as far as money from labor and the consistency of the vote. the other thing they ask their candidates to self-finance they don't have any money.
8:52 am
>> and you had meg whitman. >> arnold. we saw where it went. they have been smart. and harris banked 3 million to keep anyone out. jerry brown 17 million. with that how can any republican come up and make a play? >> i maintain, however, that the democrats have got to be careful. because they will simply become the and in san diego and the issue with race in los angeles. and he will play the game appropriately. if democrats allow themselves to be the moneybags, if the democrats allow themselves to be the conservative and the indifferent to them masses. if they don't champion things like immigration they will be in trouble ultimately. >> they do champion things. and but not aggressively. they don't make it the calling card. and the president is in
8:53 am
california, during the course of of the last week. it was not immigration, it was water. >> question, with the absence of republicans and these offices opening up will it lead to more democrat. >> the fights and more and more vicious in fighting? >> there is a danger for democrats. if it looks like one party rule if they get lazy about their message about their campaigns -- campaigns they can be in trouble. we have seen that. >> and what will happen is that democrats will understand that the way they can win against the left wing of the party is to become the person who gets the republican vote as well as the moderate democratic vote and they win. >> where does labor dom in? >> that's interesting they have been the fuel that pumps the engine of the machine statewide. and the races it is turning out to be a hinderance. we'll talk more about that
8:54 am
coming up and ems and the party s that marriage going to win out. are they using their power. >> interesting. >> here is sports. >> good morning to you. it is nba all star weekend and it continues and ends this afternoon with the all star game new orleans. the purists they laugh at us along for the old days they want to play the game. no other flop. but the nap nba is under the younger democratic. we had saturday night. trying to raise the all star status in the challenge. and 12 curry. finished in third place. completed the challenge. admitted 5. luck was not much better. >> you could in the hit anything. could not get the out of the first round. >> could not believe it. >> and the crowd went to san
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antonio spur who could not miss. and beat beal in a shoot-out. then barnes in the dunk contest. nice effort but it worked better in 2004 not 2014. it wasn't enough. john wall. that was good enough and moore. that was the high flying sixth dunk of the night. speaking of champs. how about russell and on board tamarano. the 33rd elcamino rally at golden giant fields. that kicks off officially the derby season. that's it. we'll see you later on on the other side with the all-star game recap. and we lucked out. we have warriors jim barnett joining us on the program.
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a 2 for 1. still ahead. a strange story out of pennsylvania. newlyweds who lured and killed a man they met. and the wife is admitting to other crimes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i remember the moment clearly. -i'll never forget that moment. woman: as long as i live. man: i realized, at that moment, when we first saw the damage, these people really needed us and i was going to make a difference, right here in my community. together with local responders, we cleared trees and collapsed walls. we had to get to the family trapped beneath. as a citizen-soldier, i made a difference. announcer: be there for your community, at
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i'm anne m and welcome back to the news this morning. 8:58. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. you may have heard the story from oakland where a guard shot a suspect. and they hired because of the crime rate. things are getting to be more and more of a wild west situation. we have a member in the studio to discuss what is next and how to deal with it. >> and two republicans and a democrat have joined together. in an initiative that will speed up the death penalty and cut the cost. they will ask voters if they want to put it to a vote here in the state. it will be interesting. >> saving for retirement is something that is easier said than done for some people. there are some new options to get involved with before it is too late here in california.
9:00 am
and the president is talking about doing it nationwide. and. >> good morning. >> mill valley soaked up rain yesterday. a quarter inch fell there. automated rain gauges picked up an inch. checking outside now a different picture. and it is gone now. a live picture. hazy and clear. here is the current temperatures. and livermore. santa rosa. if you are heading out a cool start with patchy fog. more sunshine later on today. more than what we had yesterday. more in the forecast. back to the headline, service is back to normal. and in san francisco. it happened after 2:30 in the
9:01 am
tunnel near the powell street station. it's not clear how he ended up on the tracks but muni says it's not unusual for homeless people to retrieve possessions they have hidden along the rails. >> people in the winter time when it is cooler they spend more time with them. and they leave them in various places and sometimes they put them under the track. >> and service got back to normal at 6:30. the delay was inconvenient because of the traffic for the parade. sneakers are the motive for an attack. a ucla student was walking near campus on saturday morning when two teenaged boys grabbed him and punched him in the head and face and took his shoes and ran away. police are urging students to be aware of their surroundings. that's a look at the top stories. back to you at the desk.
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>> the death penalty is controversial. it is being resurrected in california. there are 700 people on death row and they have not executed an inmate in seven years. >> that's why a group of former governors, democrat and republican, joined together to lead a push to resume executions. alan partin has more. >> hopefully this time we will correct some of the problems that are using the delays. >> with that three former governors threw their support behind the plan to resus state the death penalty. >> all three governors believe strongly there should be the penalty for the heinous crimes. people endorsed that two years ago. >> and former governors are asking vote tories support a ballot initiative they say would speed up the state's lengthy and costly process for capital punishment. >> old age should not be the cause of death on death row. but it literally has been.
9:03 am
>> reporter: another former governor is the current governor of california. he is known to be an opponent he has been relatively quiet on the issue. in 2012 he did not support the proposition until he voted for it on election day. >> we know from the prop 34 campaign that 48% of people voted to replace the death penalty to life in prison. >> that was defeated, opponents such as the aclu see it as a part of a tide turning against capital punishment. >> the governor of washington announced a moratorium on executions. he joins the governor of colorado and the governor of oregon. this nish stiff on the wrong side of history. >> we're trying to save money, reform the system. >> it will cause more delays in the court and it will only cost us more money. >> alan martin.
9:04 am
>> proponents would cut the costs by among other things setting deadlines for deciding appeals. since 1992, 13 inmates have been executed after spending 17 and a half years on death row. and the appeals process that's what is costing us. >> that's a key argument in the last effort to repeal the death penalty in california. it's not the hottest issue on people's minds but it has been consistent. and what the opponents said, look, let's focus in on the cost and what is wrong here in california. the governors said, okay, let's focus in on that and they brought in a new initiative that will streamline it. they will bring it down to you are for the penalty or not the pen alit not whether it works or not. >> still when do you need the appeals. it will way in on that when you are trying to -- trying to kill
9:05 am
someone. i mean i don't know how you cut back on that. >> they will send a group to texas, virginia and other states that are doing it very easily. and find out how they are doing it. the issue is that they don't want it to happen. they will use any excuse to keep it from happening. proponents say we want it. >> and the governor has won a partial victory in court over another controversy high speed rail. and it will hear a review of two lower court rulings. those decisions had thrown the project into limbo. it will reveal whether planners are acting within the terms of that 2008 approved nish difficult by voters t must be identified before construction starts. the cost has increased. that has not happened yet. this was interesting. the lieutenant governor said that he know longer supports the project. were you surprised by that declaration? we it is difficult for a
9:06 am
politician to go back on something that he supported. >> enway was supporting it a package that would connect san francisco with los angeles. and for $30 million. and well now that price tag is 60 and there is a question whether the feds or the companies willing show up or california will float the bill. so, yes, he is a politician who sees a future for himself and he wants to make sure he is not tied to a project that's going to be a problem. a visit by the president this week concluded with cash commitments to ease the state's drought. >> california is our biggest economy and is our biggest agricultural producer. what happens here matters to every working american. right down to the cost of food they put on your that table. >> and the president pledged millions for aid and 100 million towards livestock.
9:07 am
60million to help food banks. others to prime ministers and help communities that could run out of water. >> he beat the drum on climate change tieing it to global warming. >> but in california, and we may have a global program on our hands as we have voted -- noted. when it comes to water it is a local issue with hundreds if not thousands of districts in the state having a say where the watergoes and who gets it. it will be interesting to see if we break that. >> we'll see how this gets. and vol unary rationing, why is that not mandatory. >> it is politically tough to tell people what they have to do. it's not something they would rather have you do it voluntarily than have you get the mad. >> a horror flick, just married and behind bars. >> if you are one of the
9:08 am
millions of people in california not saving for retirement. an idea to help you stash some money. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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guilty of attempted murder. for shooting at a welcome back. a florida man has been found
9:11 am
guilty of attempted murder for shooting at group of teens during an argument about loud rap music. mikal dunn was convicted but the jury could not agree on the most serious charge. he claimed he acted in self- defense when he fired 10 shots into the suv a boy was killed in the shooting. now prosecutors will seek a retrial on the murder charges. police are investigating claims that a woman killed more than 20 people bus she is part of a satanic cult. the case unraveled when she said she killed a man she met on craigslist in self-defense. but police think she and her husband wanted to kill someone together. the victim was stabbed more than 20 times. her husband said his spwraoeud innocent. >> i do not believe this was malicious, i believe she was attacked and that under the circumstances she took the
9:12 am
necessary measures to defend herself. >> according to police the husband choked the victim while she stabbed him. this relooking for the 19 other victims who may have fallen prey to the couple. you may have heard about a guard who shot a suspect in oakland. >> the guard said he was chasing him when he threatened him with a screwdriver and he shot him in the leg a group hired the guard to patrol the streets after a rash of robberies. police say that it is self- defense and the guard did have the right to shoot. >> and following this incident and it brings in the question of security firms and a trend in the east bay city. and the question about what impact it has on the police department, what impact it has on getting police and how voters feel about this, joining us is a libby shaft who represents a lot of the areas that are going -- having the firms come in what is driving people to do this to hire
9:13 am
security firms. >> people are frustrated with the level of public safety they are getting from the city. it is natural they are looking to private resources to supplement the police force. >> and burgularies going up. thefts. robberies gone up. robberies have gone up. these people they band together and they play $30 a month for the service. the question is, is it a good thing or bad things. they are not getting the level of public safety they need. and i appreciate people banding together digging into their ownth pockets to make the neighborhoods safer. >> are we creating a system if you have the money. you are getting your property and neighborhood protected and someone else and they are dealing with a under staffed force, people raising that concern but, frankly. the neighborhoods in oakland have more in common than apart.
9:14 am
they all want more safety. they are concerned they're not getting a fair share. the patrols are not a substitute for an adequately staffed force. they are a preventative measure. they are designed to create an atmosphere where property crime will not owe sure. we need the police to focus on that violent crime. >> that may be the case if i'm a homeowner in one of these neighborhoods i'm paying $30 a month for a guard to patrol my area. you come to me and say, we need an extra tax. $98 a year to hire more police. i'm paying 30 why should i vote for yours at 98 more? and there is a tax that is about to expire and there are efforts to try and renew something to continue a level
9:15 am
of public safety. >> won't it be harder to sell. >> i don't think they feel like they got their money's worth. we're going to need to make the case we will use that in a mux more start and tragic way we pick up reports that say they have new classes romming in. and the staff something increasing. >> and it has been frustrating. and we have allocated but the hiring plan has not fielded the results. right now we're 51 officers behind the budgeted strength. the staff recommends they need to have plans and he had they are doing that by contracting for seats in the sheriff's academy about but that will run
9:16 am
and catch us up. oakland is out hiring people to come in. >> these will be opd trained officers, we're doing two classes at the same time and play catchup. >> we'll see what is happening a growing trend. >> all right. >> all right. thank you, let's look at the sunday morning forecast a live picture over dublin. clear and beautiful this morning. and we have some patchy fog in other parts of the bay area. if you are heading out more sunshine today than yesterday. and staying nice tomorrow which president's day dry and clear. possible showers. and here is our highs today. 64 in oakland. santa rosa sitting pretty at 62. 59 pacifica and san jose is 66
9:17 am
north of the bridge we could see a chance for showers coming tuesday. >> and not having enough money to retire in your golden years is a scary thought. but the people not saving to retire in the future. >> the president has weighed in on this crisis but there is a solution on the horizon here in california that will nudge more people to save up. >> and in the same boat as a lot of small businesses. >> a 12 person staff with many young employees who feel retirement is light years away. >> and 98% are not thinking about it. >> and a small restaurant he cannot offer a pension or 401(k) but he likes helping them start saving for retirement and a state program could be the nudge the staff needs. it is called secure choice and it would mandate business with
9:18 am
more than 5 employees to automatically take money out of the employee's check and stash it into a retirement fund. and they can opt-out but the program nudges the people without a 401(k) or pension to start saving today. >> and if i had to account that came out before i saw the money that would be great. >> but one professor says that not so fast. he wrote a book on the financial crisis and raise as few concerns about secure choice which include as new program being state run and considered a sure fire fix for the crisis. >> i worry that a lot of the people that don't have retirement now don't have enough extra money to save. so, the problem is not where to save but they don't have the money to save. >> he admits he is in that boat and kneads every little bit. but the it teaches savings
9:19 am
whether secure choice or just a savings account at a bank always means starting small. >> i would say if you avoid going out to have five beers but that five beers that month in a retirement package. that will be better for you. >> easier said than done. 45% of private sector workers here have an employer sponsored retirement package. and one senator has been advocating for years now. it is expected to have a shot of passing this session. we heard about drinking soda. but a lawmaker wants to make sure everyone who touch as bottle gets the message cloud -- loud and clear. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪
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they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. cigarettes... now a state senator from the central coast wants warning labe we have seen them on booze and cigarettes. >> now one senator wants the label on sugar sweetened
9:22 am
drinks. they want it on a can, vending machine and warn about the dangers of obesity and diabetes and tooth decay. >> it will not matter. >> it is hard to break that cycle of change. >> according to a study, kids drinking one soda a day increased their chances of owe bo schembechlerty by 55% and dieing from a heart attack later in life by 30%. there is a risk of developing type two diabetes. >> our viewers if they thought they were necessary april write nos it is personal accountability,. >> and people have a right to know what they are consuming. all the ingredients are listed there. and do we need a warning label. >> it will be interesting, i wonder if the next is caffeine. that's an issue on the horizon. >> and there are so many things
9:23 am
out there. >> but what he is trying to do is start a conversation. that's what he has done. whether the bill passes he aaccomplished that goal as least. >> another conversation going on among political insiders. >> there was a upset in the mayor's race when kevin falconer beat his opponent. >> this is a city where there is a heavy democratic turnout. los angeles had the same thing there when voters rejected a candidate becomed -- backed by the union. this could be the start of a trend headed to the bay area. >> well what they have in common was a big spending of money by organized labor. labor took a hard hit because for the second time in a row the independent expenditures by labor became the issue. what did they spend? >> $4 million. this is a case where they
9:24 am
overplayed their hands again. and rolling back pension reform. republicans only hard a third of the votes in the state. and they hold half of the mayoral positions. what does it tell you that the volunteers are voting with their pockets. >> let me tell you. >> organized labor took a hit in san diego but in los angeles. they spent big in that race for windy gruel she lost. >> in ever riff case, the expenditure was the issue. they have to be smarter. they have to be cleaver. they cannot allow themselves to be the debate. >> when you talk about pension payouts. this repaying attention and listening to the candidates. >> and was that an issue in los angeles and san diego?
9:25 am
>> very, very significant in each of those places. but it was still how much money was actually spent. >> and special interest. and the banks and the real estate people. and what does it mean in the bay area. >> the democrats and the republicans got their ground game together. in that race and in a race with the central valley. they put it together and it looks like they are getting the republican game plan going on the local level. >> and interestingly enough they are not being anti-labor in the process. they are making labor out to be the same bad guys that the others are. >> it is always interesting when we talk about the money that's anyone's interest but your own. >> that's true. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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welcome back. one final look at the sunday morning forecast today. the highs upper 50s. lower 60s. lightly warmer. 64 in oakland and san francisco and 5 # in pacifica. the next seven day as beautiful president's day, sunny and clear. tuesday north of the bridge we could see a little bit more. and tuesday for that. >> and snow recently. and it. >> and snowballed for a couple of students. and they when do you that. and it grew and grew and grew. and it put a dent in the dorm. they say it was an accident. >> thank you for joining us. our next news cast at 5:30. ,,,,,,,,
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